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Game Overview

It's addictive, just like crypto!


100 unique characters, 5 visual rarities and 3 attack styles. Get them in packs or by cards on our market


Story Mode, Friendly PvP with wager mode or not, Arena style PvP, Daily Rewards and Tournaments


Earn rewards in LC game currency, rare NFT items and convert them instantly to $LOCG token

Become a legend

Rise up to the top of the leaderboard and win major rewards monthly

Easy to learn, hard to master!

Step into the world of LegendsOfCrypto- a unique Play2Earn, Collectible & Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from the crypto space. Get 15 unique NFT cards and kickstart the game! You can earn in PvE, PvP mode, Daily Rewards and Tournaments!

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Tribute to Crypto industry

The crypto industry was once like the wild wild west - full of opportunities, risks, and amazing rewards. It democratized finance while also turning it into a meme. Our fun game characters are real legends who made the crypto revolution possible. They are also an NFT, so they are yours forever.

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Join the community of crypto legends, NFT collectors, gamers and hodlers. Participate in daily polls or chat with us if you need help.

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