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$LOCG Kickback Program

Buy, Refer & Win

If you are a card holder:

  • Refer as many friends as you can. Once a friend buys an NFT pack you will both get 25% Kickback in $LOCG from the NFT purchase.
  • You will both qualify for the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle at the end of the Kickback Program.

If you are new:

  • Buy any NFT pack and get 25% Kickback in $LOCG.
  • After your purchase, you can refer as many friends as you want to get extra 25% kickback from every friend who buys an NFT pack.
  • You participate in the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle

Bonus gift:

Get a Super-Elite or Legendary pack and receive the exclusive LegendsOfCrypto Table Game delivered to your address for FREE!

Get the table game for free

Join the first-ever $LOCG Kickback Program & Claim your rewards!

Join now


step 1

get at least 15 cards

To build a deck to play you need at least 15 cards. The easiest way is to get The Starter Pack ‚ÄĒ it contains the exact amount of 15 cards
-80 usd

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