At the start of 2009, a new form of currency named Bitcoin was developed with secure and verified transactions protected by blockchain technology - it was rapidly adopted by the people and went mainstream only a few years later. The ruling banker class, which contributed nothing to society, was left to the wayside as people realized they could fund their own projects and dreams without the need for a money-handling middleman. With that, the new age of investment began, and crypto-millionaires began popping up all over the world.With the rise of private investments came an era of astounding development in virtual reality. As people flocked to live online, hacking events and virtual worlds built with conflicting visions made the Metaverse quite an ugly place. So the blockchain world was created, a metaverse in which each block was unified by a singular vision and verified by those who chose to inhabit it.


Above the blockchain world is Legends of Crypto - they’re the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. They long for control of the blockchain worlds, earning opportunities to change the ecosystems within. Who will dominate the blockchain and determine the fate of the metaverse?

Meanwhile, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious pseudonym of the mastermind who founded cryptocurrency, remains quiet. Though he occasionally appears within the blockchain world to see how it’s developing, nobody knows the truth of his existence.Satoshi Nakamoto is said to be an artificial intelligence crafted by one of the most creative minds in machine learning (currently anonymous), and is now a sentiment in its own right.

What are its plans for the blockchain world, what is its ultimate purpose with the creation of cryptocurrency?

Block worlds

Within each block of this new metaverse, an online world is created. Within it, the realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and alternate realities become open to all. While some may choose to visit these worlds through avatars of their own creation, each world is distinct and has its own rules that everyone must obey.


Fight powerful crypto legends, celebrities, and new metaverse creatures in a single-player mode. This is the best way to train and elevate your LOCGame skills, while simultaneously earning rewards that include time-released NFTs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows LOCGame to function like a well-oiled machine, with fast and efficient processing of information to make the in-game experience like no other.


Globalization is rapid and the role of the state diminished to near zero as people came together with unified interests, moving into communal areas with the automated handling of most menial tasks, such as cleaning and cooking. There they could explore the metaverse and work on their creations together. Nations died as a new resource-based economy flourished, and cryptocurrencies and monetary wealth transitioned online as fun currencies to use in the metaverse.