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CardS Collectible Value Explained

On your journey to becoming a true Legend of Crypto, it is important to understand the collectible value of your NFT cards.

Introduction to LOCGame NFT Cards

LegendsOfCrypto characters are inspired by the pioneers who represent the crypto industry’s triumph and their contribution to the web3 revolution. The characters are well-designed, limited edition, digital collectible NFT cards which are sold by packs in different editions. So far, there have been 3 editions namely, the Genesis Edition, the Apollo Edition, and the Legends Awakening Edition.

The value of the NFT cards depends on the Edition they were minted, the visual rarity, the scarcity (limited-edition packs) and the importance of the character inside the game lore.

Visual Rarities Explained

LegendsOfCrypto cards have 5 different visual rarities:
Standard (001), Prestige (002), Elite (003), Super Elite (004), Legendary (005).

The visual rarities of the cards are an indication of the scarcity of the cards. Scarcity here means that there are fewer minted cards than others. For example, there are fewer Legendary cards compared to Elite cards. The Legendary cards are the most scarce cards. They are more scarce than the Super Elite cards, which are more scarce than Elite cards. The Elite cards are more scarce than the Prestige cards, and the Prestige cards are more scarce than the Standard cards.

Indications of Visual Rarity

  • Lines in the layout of the card
    Standard cards have no lines in the layout. Prestige cards have 2 lines, on the right and left side, while Elite cards have 4 lines accordingly. Super-Elite and Legendary cards always have 6 lines, 3 in each right and left side.
  • Colors of the layoutStandard, Prestige and Elite cards have a purple layout. The Super-Elite cards stand out from their silver layout color and the Legendary cards are always in a bright gold layout.
  • Different BackgroundsThe Super- Elite and Legendary cards always have different backgrounds than the Standard, Prestige and Elite.
  • Hair, clothes, accessories and moreEvery character presents physical differences depending on the visual rarity. Differences can be spotted in their hair color, clothing, accessories or even makeup. Some differences are easily recognizable while some others need a closer look.

How can I earn with LOCGame NFTs?

In Season 1 of LOCGame, the current NFT smart contract will be destroyed and its private keys will be gone. This will make the LOCGame NFT cards some of the most secure and valuable digital collectibles in the GameFi space. Each of the LOCGame cards is uniquely designed to be part digital collectible and part gaming asset.

As digital collectibles:

  • Each individual card is a unique piece of crypto history in the digital world. Its ownership allows you to have a collection of valuable digital art.
  • LOCGame cards are tradable. Owners can resell them on the LOCGame Marketplace or third-party marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible and TofuNFT.
  • Owners can collect and accumulate them for their value.
  • The Collect2Earn upcoming feature will allow the collectors to combine their NFT cards to get more rare cards and $LOCG rewards. The more NFT cards a collector has, the more Collect2Earn combinations he will be able to do and thus earn more.
  • With every pack purchase, buyers get a 25% kickback in $LOCG

As gaming assets:

  • Players have complete ownership over their in-game items.
  • They can collect rare cards, build their decks, and sell cards to other players.
  • LOCGame cards are the exclusive pass to play LegendsOfCrypto on web and mobile. Every player needs 15 unique NFT cards to get started in the game.
  • Players use their cards to play and earn $LOCG tokens in Story Mode, wagering with friends in Friendly PvP matches and Arena, participating in tournaments and claiming daily rewards.

Time Retrospect of Editions & Packs

name: Genesis Edition
Date of release: December 2021
Edition codes: 001, 002

The Genesis edition released the first 10 Packs of LOCGame. In this Edition, the first three visual rarities were introduced: Standard, Prestige and Elite. The packs in Genesis Edition were:
All the packs from the Genesis Edition were sold out within 24 hours and will not be available for sale again. Some of the Genesis cards can still be found on the LOCGame Marketplace and third-party marketplaces.

name: Apollo Edition
Date of release: May 2022
Edition codes: 003

The Apollo Edition released 9 new packs and two new levels of visual rarity in the NFT cards: Super-Elite and Legendary.

The Legendary cards are considered the rarest LOCGame cards. With only 225 Legendary cards minted in the Apollo Edition, they are accounting for only 3.27% of the total supply in Apollo and less than 1% of the total supply in all editions. Super-Elite cards are also rare cards with only 450 of them minted, making up just 6.55% of the total supply in the Apollo Edition and less than 2% of the total supply in all editions created.
In the Apollo Edition, many new characters were introduced including the exclusive "Wolf of Crypto", created and inspired by a collective of designers from the biggest fashion houses of Burberry, Prada, Etro, Moschino, and Dsquared. The characters made by the designers from the fashion houses can only be found in the Wolf of Crypto packs. These packs are super rare and thus they are sold only in the two highest rarities: the WOC Super-Elite and WOC Legendary packs.

There were also two new packs which were made in collaboration with the k-pop artist and celebrity- DJ Soda. Her packs were also sold in the highest visual rarities- DJ Soda Super-Elite and Legendary and managed to sell out faster than any other pack.

name: LEgends Awakening Edition
Date of release: September 2022
Edition codes: 004, 005

LegendsOfCrypto ushered in a new dawn with the Awakening Edition. This marked an exciting milestone as it sparked off Beta 2.0 and Mobile version of LOCGame along with three brand-new packs bursting onto the scene. With them came 25 alluring characters renowned for their exceptional designs. These characters can be only found in the Starter pack (15 unique NFT cards), Story Mode pack (5 unique NFT cards) and the Dark Night pack (5 unique NFT cards).

The Awakening Edition consists of 2 Edition codes, 004 and 005. Edition code 004 (The Awakening) refers only to the Iris card, the exclusive pass to play LOCGame in the Awakening Season. The edition code 005 (Legends Awakening) refers to the 3 new packs of the Awakening edition.


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