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Earn, stake and invest in your play-to-earn journey

Play2Earn rewards

Play & earn in PvP, PvE, daily rewards and tournaments


Stake $LOCG tokens and increase your APR%


Buy NFT cards on market.locgame.io with $LOCG and boost your deck


Get 25% kickback in $LOCG with every NFT purchase


Investors & hodlers have the power to vote on the future of LOCGame

LOCG Contract Address


The $LOCG is the ERC-20 token that truly brings LegendsOfCrypto to life. As the main pillar of the ecosystem, it is used for Play2Earn rewards, NFT and in-game payments, staking, DAO Governance, kickbacks and perks. As a result, it takes our platform beyond just a playing card game- it brings financial incentives to the forefront to encourage greater participation.

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step 1

get at least 15 cards

To build a deck to play you need at least 15 cards. The easiest way is to get The Starter Pack — it contains the exact amount of 15 cards
-80 usd

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