September 2nd, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 2nd

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Hello, Legends!

Welcome to September. How time flies.

It’s safe to say that the new month is already off to a great start because we are already making the news for being one of the top play-to-earn games in the industry.

Of course, this feat would not be possible without the support of our community, and for that, we remain grateful.

As usual, we have a lot to share with you in today’s weekly update, so grab a seat and get comfortable!


  • Game updates
  • Metaverse updates
  • Season 0 Staking ended, rewards distributed and NFT Winners
  • We got featured
  • They talk about LOCG

Game updates

Legends, we are excited to announce that our Metamask login integration is finally completed! Moving forward, you will be required to access the game using only your Metamask wallet. We also moved to a new client and server. The arena, LC coin and friendly matches with betting are all completed. These updates are now finalized in development environment and will be implemented in production environment soon.

On the marketplace, we have fixed the glitch with the ReCaptcha process and special thanks to our community members for giving their feedback.

For those of you who might wonder for new upcoming NFT packs, we glad to announce that a new pack will be added in our Apollo collection called the “Starter Pack”. It is specially designed for new players to get started in the game with 15 unique NFT cards and for our guild partners to provide scholarships. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

You can now read about each LOCGame character directly from our card library. When you click on each card, you will be redirected to its spotlight article detailing the story and inspiration behind each character.

Metaverse update

In Cryptise City, we created new location prototypes (3D models) this week. We’re also updating the maps (2D and 3D maps) with new information about every district and building.

Our Metaverse website,, is under a huge revamp with new pages, more information and lots of cool visuals of the city. Make sure you are on the lookout for public updates coming soon!

Apollo Heights Staking Program has ended

After 888 hours, the Apollo Heights staking program ended on August 30th. If you took part in the staking program, you are now able to unstake your funds. All the rewards have been sent, check your wallet to confirm this. You can unstake directly from the staking page on our website or from the Ferrum network.

A big congratulations to all the lucky winners of the staking NFT lottery.

The winners are:

  • ser************@*** winner of Apollo Super-Elite ($175)
  • ton*******@** winner of Wolf of Crypto Legendary ($400)
  • one*************@** winner of Apollo Elite ($125)
  • v.m********@*** winner of Sacrifice Legendary ($350)
  • nos*************@*** winner of Wolf of Crypto Super-Elite ($200)

They have all been contacted on their emails with instructions on how to redeem the rewards.

If you have any issues with redeeming your reward, do not hesitate to contact support via our website. We are happy to help.

We are at Top 14 Play2Earn Games on BeInCrypto!

This week, LOCGame was featured in Beincrypto! We were listed as one of the top 14 play-To-earn NFT games. We’re excited about this recognition and remain grateful for the unwavering support of the LOCG community for constantly pushing us to be better.

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step 1

get at least 15 cards

To build a deck to play you need at least 15 cards. The easiest way is to get The Starter Pack — it contains the exact amount of 15 cards
-80 usd

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