September 16th, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update: September 16th

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Hello Legends,

Cheers to the post-merge world!

We are on the edge of another weekend, and that is more than enough reason to be excited. In keeping with our usual Friday tradition, we’re happy to bring you updates on all the stuff that we have been working on lately. Come with us!


  • Game Updates
  • Metaverse Updates
  • Marketplace updates
  • They talk about LOCG
  • How to cruise like a legend

Game Updates

Major props to our amazing dev team who kept at it and delivered on most of our pressing tasks. This week, we achieved the following;

  • Implemented in-game store with special offers, all existing packs, LC purchasing
  • Implemented LC to LOCG exchange
  • Implemented more Tutorials, updated battle tips
  • Implemented trophy road for arena
  • Improvements with MetaMask interactions
  • UI updates
  • Implementation of visual effects, and bug fixes.

Please note that the latest updates above are currently in the development environment. They will be implemented in production very soon and available at your fingertips to enjoy some cool battles!

Metaverse updates — Cryptise city!

We’re glad to announce that we are almost wrapping things up with the Cryptise new website! This will provide you with the feel of what to expect in the future, and the ability to

  1. Explore the 2D map with all buildings and areas.
  2. Visit our blog to read more details about the features, tokenomics, buildings and our first land sale.

For a limited time only, you still have the opportunity to get in early by getting on the waitlist here. Be sure to keep up with all announcements to come!

Marketplace updates

Legends, our marketplace will be getting a major facelift soon. The purpose of the redesign is to ensure an overall smooth user experience. The new design will also feature a Metamask integration that will allow ease of user experience on the website. We will provide you with more details on this.

Social media mentions

We be cruisin’…

They say that nobody balls like a Legend, and we couldn’t agree more. Here’s proof. Show us how you groove to the LOCGame soundtracks. We would love to see you! Listen here.

This is all we have for the week. Stay glued to all our channels and be sure to join our Twitter Community here.

See you soon and have a blast!


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