October 7th, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update: October 7th, 2022

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Hello, Legends!

Welcome to October — the beginning of Q4!

We hope you had a great week, just like at LOCGame. In keeping with our culture of staying accountable to you — our community, we’re bringing you an update on all the exciting stuff that we were working on this week. So, grab a seat and your favourite drink — it’s a Friday after all.


  • Iris Opening Campaign
  • Game updates
  • Introducing the Story Mode Pack
  • Message from Mik
  • Character spotlight
  • They talk about LOCG

Let’s dive in!

Iris Opening Campaign

Let’s begin with the most exciting stuff — The Iris Opening Campaign!

Recall that last week, we promised that our larger community will also get the chance to play the LOCGame in the ongoing Awakening Season. We kept to our word with the Iris Opening Campaign where we will give out 10 free Iris cards daily to 10 lucky legends.

The Iris card is your special pass to the Awakening Season, and the character who will be your guide in the tutorial, helping you navigate the new features.

Learn more about the Iris card and how to participate in the campaign here.

Game Updates

The next stop is with our amazing dev team, who have certainly been putting in the work. Currently, the team is working on building an admin panel for the game. Work is also in progress on our NFT collection feature where players will be able to receive posters as story mode rewards and will be able to unlock music themes via game progression. Players will also be able to spend LC to make NFTs from both posters and music themes.

The team also keeps working on the mobile build ahead of Season 1. They are also improving the game’s UX based on team/players’ feedback, so watch out for the upcoming updates!

Introducing — The story mode pack

Legends, we are proud to announce the arrival of the new Story mode pack of cards. This pack contains 5 new cards with 5 new heroes namely:

- Airdrop Collector

- Crypto Freelancer

- Hard-Wallet

- Scalper
- The Keeper

The new cards have a super sleek design, and we’re here for the new cool, funny and relatable characters. You can play these characters in the Awakening season, but you can only purchase the pack after completing the Story mode. Get your Iris card, access the game, complete the Story Mode, and head to our in-game store to purchase the Story mode pack.

Message from Our CEO — Mik

In case you missed it, to mark the launch of the Awakening season last week, our CEO Mik shared a message with our community — expressing his heartfelt gratitude for the steadfast support that we’ve received since we launched. He also highlighted the growth and progress that we’ve recorded since then. Read his message here.

Character Spotlight - The Airdrop Collector

In our Spotlight Series for this week, we got up close and personal with one of the new characters from the Story Mode pack — Airdrop collector. Read all about the legend here.

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And there you have it, legends. Be sure to check in with us next Friday.

Have a blast weekend!

The LOCGame Team


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