October 28th, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update — October 28, 2022

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Hello from the rainy city of Lisbon!

We’re excited to be representing the LOCGame team and community at the Web and WOW summit. As busy as that sounds, we won’t skip on bringing you up to speed with what we are currently doing in today’s weekly update.


  • Game updates + marketplace updates
  • Cryptise city DateToEarn
  • We live in Lisbon!
  • They talk about LOCG

Game Update

Mobile build: This week, our team had the chance to try out the mobile version of the game. We are excited and can’t wait to have it out for the public to try out.

Bug fixes and optimization: We fixed some identified bugs and are also optimizing the game to boost performance. If you’re experiencing any glitches, please let us know in our Telegram group.

Iris Codes: We’re still giving away free Iris cards until Monday, October 31st 2022. The Iris cards are the access passes to the ongoing season Awakening season. The character will also be your in-game guide. If you are yet to receive a card, check out our community chat groups, announcement channels, social media pages and email. You still have a chance to grab one before the giveaway ends.

Awakening Gleam campaign winners: Congratulations to all the winners in the just concluded Awakening season giveaway. The winner of the Iris and Starter packs are;

Савчук Арxxx

Alice Jexxxxx

Dmitry Paxxxx

satish chxxxx

Icuk Simxxxxxx

Radomir Zhixxxx

Steven Yaxx

Awkaryo Nguxxx

Alexkining x

Joris De xxxxx

We will be sending their rewards soon. Look out for our next giveaway. You too can be a winner.

Cryptise City

You’ve heard of PlayToEarn, MoveToEarn and LearnToEarn, but what about DateToEarn?

In our metaverse — Cryptise City, we’re all set to champion DateToEarn, where users will earn new tokens by building meaningful and lasting relationships. You can learn more about it in this article.

We live in Lisbon!

Catch us live in Lisbon this November as we’re all geared up for the Web and WOW summits. As a proud partner of Web Summit, we will be giving away 2 free tickets to 2 lucky winners. It is the chance to meet and network with some of the most influential leaders in Tech. Click here and follow all the steps in the campaign to win a ticket.

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Tchau, Legends!

We will be back with more updates next week.

Be sure to stay safe and play the Awakening Season.


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