August 26th, 2022

LOCGame Weekly Update: August 26th

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Hello, Legends

Happy Friday!

Starting today, we’re beginning the countdown to the 888th hour of the ongoing Season 0 — Apollo Heights staking program. It’s almost 792 hours since we locked in our tokens and really can’t wait for the rewards.

Keep reading for more on that and all the updates from the week that just ended.


  • Game updates
  • Metaverse updates
  • Season 0 — Apollo Heights staking program countdown
  • Social mentions

Game updates

Recent updates show that our team has been working on the arena, in-game store, and tokenomics. They have also fixed some bugs which will provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. We’re also working on the Daily rewards UI, and Friends list UI. Updates on the tutorial and story mode updates are in progress and will be completed and deployed by next week.

Metaverse Updates

We have some cool new visuals from Cryptise City, check them out. This week, we worked on the prototype of new locations and will share them alongside the 2D map.

We currently upgrading the Cryptise website, please be on the lookout for that. We’re still working on the Cryptise whitepaper and tokenomics.

Season 0- Apollo Heights Staking program — Maturity coming soon

Congratulations, Legends. We’re almost at the end of season 0 — Apollo heights staking program. The staking period ends on Tuesday, August 30th. Be sure to un-stake to claim your rewards at the end of the day.

Social Mentions

So long, Legends.

Cheers to a beautiful weekend ahead!


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