LOCGame Weekly Update - April 21, 2023

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Hello, Legends!

It’s another beautiful Friday, and we’re all set to pour the bottles and clink the glasses because RBL Labs has just launched a brand-new game!

Before we get ahead of ourselves in excitement, you’re not mistaken, and this is the usual LOCGame weekly update. Come with us, let’s walk you through the extraordinary week we had.


  • IKTP is now LIVE on Steam!
  • IKTP Game Updates
  • LOCGame Updates
  • The First IKTP AMA Session
  • RBL Labs is going to Consensus 2023
  • Social Mentions

IKTP 1st Chapter Launch

After two years of hard work, yesterday, “ I Know This Place”, our new mystical adventure game went live on Steam.

IKTP is now available globally and ready to take players on a thrilling adventure through an eerie apartment in our dystopian world.

In less than 24 hours since the official release, we have received amazingly positive reviews from players and also made it to the main page of Steam's top new releases!

To mark this awesome milestone, we are offering a 20% discount on Steam for our first month only. This means that you can now purchase and enjoy the game for less than the price of your favourite coffee or burger.

Don’t miss out on this epic adventure, check out IKTP on Steam and start playing. Stop by our Discord to get all the real-time info on the game.

IKTP Game Updates

Prior to the official release of IKTP, we made some updates to the new build which includes;

  • Updated achievements
  • Solved physics and settings bugs
  • Updated mass of items
  • Added more vibration events for the gamepad
  • Added a fix where players can run the game without running Steam and Steam will open itself without causing an error

The upcoming new build will feature;

  • Improved light (more exposure)
  • Fixed bug with form opening when you're playing with the gamepad
  • Fixed long-ending bug
  • Implemented DRM protection against game hacking

Keep playing and be on the lookout for more exciting updates!

LOCGame Updates

This week was not all about IKTP, we also made some cool updates to LOCGame and as always, we remain faithful and diligent to it.

We made several changes to improve our starting tutorial and make it as easy and clear to new players as possible. We have also provided more clarifications to some game rules for better understanding.

We have successfully completed the 4x4 grid prototype fully playable and fixed some bugs we identified in it. And finally, we have turned off the AI jokes when a player is in the starting tutorial.

All of the above updates will be implemented in the game’s next build in the following week, so stay tuned!

The First IKTP AMA

On Wednesday, we hosted the first-ever IKTP AMA session. It was an opportunity for the team behind the project to introduce the game to the community and share their inspiration for creating “I Know This Place”. We also had a guest appearance by the Web3 gamer and streamer Gcrod_. He had an awesome discussion around the current state of Web3 gaming and shared some tips on how to foster growth in the Web3 ecosystem. In case you missed it, we will make a recording of the AMA available shortly.

Congratulations to Usman Tariq Bhatty, who was the lucky winner of the AMA raffle and will be receiving a free access code to play the first chapter of  “I Know This Place!”.

LOCGame Kickback Program

Yes, the LOCGame Kickback program is still ongoing, legends! You can participate in the program to receive a 25% kickback in $LOCG on any new NFT pack you purchase. When you refer a friend who completes a purchase, you also earn another 25% kickback from their purchase. And don’t forget the best part- you will automatically qualify for the $1000 Grand Raffle at the end of the program!

All participants who buy a Super-Elite or Legendary Pack during the Kickback program are receiving the exclusive LegendsOfCrypto Table Card Game delivered to their addresses!

If you haven’t already, join the Kickback here!

RBL Labs is going to Consensus 2023

Hello, Texas!

We’re excited to announce that on the 26th - 28th of April, we will be live in Austin, Texas for the annual Consensus event by Coindesk. Our CEO, Mik Mironov has also been invited and will be flying the RBL Labs flag at the event.

We look forward to having an amazing time with the participants and establishing a lot of meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with investors and partners.

If you are in Texas, come and say hello!

Tune in on our socials next week for lots of insightful content from our team at Consensus!

Social Mentions


Thanks for checking in on today’s update. We hope that you have a fun-filled weekend playing IKTP and LOCGame.

See you next Friday!


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