LOCGame Weekly Update: 24th February 2023

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Hello Legends,

Welcome to another Friday weekly update, and thank you for always keeping up with us.

February was such an exciting month for us at LOCGame and we’re happy to be wrapping up with a rundown of what we were up to.

If you are ready, we are ready.


-Flex2Earn Giveaways & Rewards Distribution
-Game updates
-New trailer video
-They talk about LegendsOfCrypto

Flex2Earn Giveaways & Rewards Distribution

We are glad to announce that we have concluded the reward distribution to all the participants of the just concluded #Flex2Earn campaigns. We had a total of 1255 entries for both the Flex Your Card and Flex Your Pack campaigns. Thank you to all the Legends who showed us their favourite LOCGame character or played our table game at EBC 2023 and posted it online. It means a lot to us to see you having fun with our games.

Check out some of the best entries in the gallery here.

The lucky winners are:

  • 1 $ETH: Stanislav Gortolomei
  • Sacrifice Pack ($390 worth): sxztrader sxz
  • Wolf Of Crypto Super Elite pack (worth $290): Melih Kalındamar
  • Ether Legendary NFT Card (worth $300): Williams T. Fatayo
  • 2 x Legendary Cards from Dsquared designer (worth $200 each): John Alexopoulos + Risu Risang
  • 3 x Legendary NFT Card from Burberry Designer (worth $170 each): Ertan Patron + Dimitris Eustass + Dainis Strupis
  • 5 x Super Elite NFT Card from Prada Designer (worth $150 each): Orhan Pamuk + Stanislav Gortolomei + Lucky Mark + Williams T. Fatayo + Fernando Astahuelo

Game Updates

Shout out to the dev team! The latest UI updates are now live, and if you snooze, you might lose them. The loading screen has now been updated to show you some light-hearted jokes from our characters, and we have completed the new deck builder.

There are also some changes to the menu page of the game. The Exchange tab has been replaced with a ‘Help’ button. From there, you can access the Roadmap, Tutorial and Exchange.

The team is currently working on the vertical design for the iOS mobile version. The upcoming iOS version of the game will have a slightly different design, and a different loading screen to provide a great user experience for our iOS players.

Take some time to explore these latest updates. If you experience any glitches, please let us know in the Telegram group.

New Game Trailer

Last week, we unveiled a brand-new trailer for LOCGame. Check it out to learn more about LOCGame NFT cards, their visual rarities, collectible value and unique crypto characters.

Share it with your friends who are yet to learn about LOCGame!

They talk about LOCGame

Check out some tweets that featured us.




And it’s a wrap on this week’s updates. Thank you for reading, we will bring you more announcements during the week.

Have a great weekend!

Team LOCGame.



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