LOCGame Monthly Update - July 2023

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Dear Legends,

It’s been a hot minute since our last update - given our new schedule, it would be appropriate to rename it as the LOCGame Monthly Update.

Thank you for your patience, and a special thanks to Oleksandr for always being on the lookout for new updates and to Fernando for sharing his beautiful summer moments with us. 

  • Game Updates (Free-to-play Mode & Social Logins)
  • Battle With The Stars
  • Updated Roadmap
  • Partnerships - Sending Labs, AMA and Giveaway, Virtua Games Network
  • Carv Listing
  • AMA with Polygon

Game Updates

Free-to-play Mode

After months of anticipation, the LOCGame Free-to-Play mode with the Beginner deck went live in June. The F2P mode is perfect for beginners who want to explore the world of LOCGame with the beginner deck. 

The F2P is available to all players, and the beginners’ deck can be accessed from the deck-building menu in the game. Learn more about the Free to Play mode and be sure to try it out here https://earlyaccess.locgame.io/

Social & Email Logins

Our dev team has been working closely with Particle Network & Biconomy. The Particle wallet integration will allow us to provide a wallet to users without them needing to download a wallet extension or manage keys and seed phrases. 

We have also partnered with Biconomy to integrate their services. This will allow the user to approve transactions with Particle through Biconomy's smart accounts making batch transfers and 0 transaction fees possible for users.

You can think of Particle as Metamask for anyone who doesn't want to be bothered with managing a wallet, and Biconomy, as a layer to verify the transaction from Particle and complete it on the users' behalf with added features.

Updated Roadmap


Back in  June, we released the updated roadmap for LOCGame. The updated roadmap shares in detail our big ambitions for the coming months with the ultimate goal of delivering an entertaining and engaging gaming experience. Some major highlights of the roadmap include:

  • Season 1 Launch in early 2024 with innovative core gameplay features to combine an immersive casual card game and enticing modern storytelling
  • AI-Powered 3D Characters to create an immersive, narrative-rich gaming experience, making casual gaming experience compatible with the new Apple VR/AR devices
  • Blockchain Recorded Player Progression and In-game Staking Rewards

The published roadmap also garnered some attention and was featured in playtoearngames.com and cryptocurrencyguide.org.


We had the honour of being selected by the Dutch Trade Mission as one of the 20 startups selected to participate in the Collision Conference in Toronto. We were ably represented by our CEO, Mik, and Senior Developer, Jay. 

Collision is one of the biggest global Tech events, and we seized the opportunity to connect with influential industry players and investors. In case you missed an update, here’s a  video recap of our time in Toronto.

Battle With The Stars

We ended June with the exciting #BattleWithTheStars campaign. The campaign brought together some of the biggest friends and supporters of LOCGame. The stars participating in the campaign include Crypto Rain, New Kids On The Blockchain, GoShinyHunter, Japz Divino and Noriochan.

A quick look at our dashboard shows that 67% of the matches played in June were in the Arena PvP mode. Thanks to everyone taking on the stars.

Don't miss out on the fun.  Join in and play against their decks in Arena PvP mode. Complete the round to win 90 LCs, and share videos or screenshots of your battles using #BattlewithTheStars.

New Partnerships

Sending Labs, AMA and Giveaway, Virtua Games Network

Between June and July, we secured 2 new partnerships with Virtua Games Network and Sending Labs. The partnership with VGN will enable us to provide our LOCGame community with a more immersive gaming experience. 

With this partnership, players will:

- Earn achievements and track progress across multiple games within Virtua's Gamified Metaverse ecosystem.

- Interact with other players in personal and shared 3D virtual spaces 

- Buy and sell game assets in a shared marketplace, trade and monetize digital assets

- Access tons of awesome features like leaderboards, achievements, friends, events, player stats, and more. 

Through our partnership with Sending Labs - a decentralized instant messenger that brings together protocols and dApps in one platform, we look forward to building an active and engaging community with many rewards on their platform.

To kickstart the partnership, we hosted an AMA with Sending Labs.

Congratulations to all the winners that participated in the #AMA raffle with 

Sending Labs. The rewards have been distributed.

The raffle winners are:

1. LEGEND_026937

2. LEGEND_732066

3. Legend_479009

4. kral8121

5. LEGEND_919083

Log in to your marketplace account and check out your brand new Starter Packs with 15 unique NFT cards. 

Play LOCGame  

Web: https://earlyaccess.locgame.io

 Android: http://go.locgame.io/play-on-android

Still on AMAs,  we were also hosted as guest speakers on the Polygon gaming roundtable. We had fun discussing all things Web3 gaming with Aaron Cyber Syndicate  VX and Chris from IGL City . In case you missed it, you can listen to the recording here.

ETHCC 2023

We had the pleasure of participating in the just concluded ETHCC event in Paris. It was another opportunity to network and establish meaningful relationships with key industry players.

In addition to the insightful panel discussions, we also attended some interesting sideline events like the HyperPlay Event, The Polygon Event, Binance Labs Meetup. We also met with reps from Gnosis Safe, Celo Foundation, Binance Labs, Filecoin, Boys Club, and more.

As always, our LegendsOfCrypto Table Card game was the star of the show receiving all the love and rave from the Filecoin event organizers and other players at the side events.

Carv Listing

Great news - you can now play LOCGame on more platforms!

This month, LOCGame was listed on the  web3 gaming platform carv.io. This listing will broaden our player base and offer players unique quests, achievements, badges and rewards

Check our profile on Carv.io & Magicsqauare. Play, like and add the game to your space. We have many exciting activities and quests on the way, do not miss out.

If you are a mobile player- Download for Android.

WorldFestival Startup Award

To wrap up the update, we're very excited to announce that we have been selected as a Top 50 Startup for the WorldFestival 2023 Startup Awards.

A huge thank you to the judging committee and our community who voted for us in the final round. 

See you in San Mateo! 

Thank you for keeping up with LOCGame.

Have a great weekend!

Team LOCGame.


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