LOCGame Lore: Why LegendsOfCrypto?

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In 2009, an unknown figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto birthed Bitcoin, a new technology that was capable of creating a brand new financial system. Bitcoin was built off what we now know as blockchain technology and promised to deliver economic freedom by providing an alternative system of payment and redefining money. The world has never been the same since this revelation!

Satoshi inevitably attracted plenty of allies such as market makers, analysts, and everyday hodlers who believed in his cause. These individuals became known as Legends, as a new world was being built on their backs. Legends like you are the reason why a new system of value creation and new professions such as NFT trading, crypto mining, and many more were born.

Today, Satoshi’s vision has been accelerated by more Legends than ever before — people who took it upon themselves to build a new economy founded on blockchain principles. People like you, and ecosystem players in the world of cryptocurrency deserve to be recognized as Legends. A more equitable world which runs on decentralised authority, freedom, ownership, and inclusivity could only be possible through the actions of Legends.

This is why LegendsOfCrypto was built.

What is LegendsOfCrypto?

LegendsOfCrypto (also known as LOCGame) is a simple, yet exciting play-to-earn NFT collectible card game that pays tribute to figures who have helped build the blockchain industry as it stands today. We are a community of day traders, hodlers, exchange founders, whales, and many more who are crucial to running today’s crypto space!

LOCGame is the first collectible and strategy card game that’s designed to continue the historical triumph of cryptocurrencies and educate a large scale of the audience about the value and future of this industry in a fun, lucrative way.

When you play LegendsOfCrypto, you’re rewarded for your time and important contributions towards achieving Satoshi’s dream. These rewards are given as unique NFTs, Legendary Coins (LCs) in-game and $LOCG, the ecosystem’s native utility token.

What does LegendsOfCrypto represent?

LOCGame is a unique Play2Earn NFT Collectible and Strategy Card game on the blockchain. It is the flagship game towards a legendary web3 future and the first game that is set to be available in Cryptise City, a virtual world built for crypto enthusiasts. Cryptise City is being built as a crypto paradise and escape for believers in this brave new world — LegendsOfCrypto represents our first step towards this new era!


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