LOCGame Character Spotlight — Metaverse Real Estate Agent

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Say hello to the LOCGame Metaverse Real Estate Agent, the go-to expert in buying and selling virtual properties within Cryptise City. She’s got the knowledge and skills to help her clients make informed decisions when it comes to their LOCGame investments, negotiating deals and providing sound advice on how to maximize value from their LOCGame assets.

She helps her clients navigate the complex world of virtual property ownership, negotiating deals and ensuring that transactions are secure.

She will also provide advice on how to maximize the value of virtual assets, such as by building custom structures or creating engaging experiences for visitors.

But she’s not just a savvy businesswoman — she can also fight hard for her clients with powerful left and right-side attacks! Despite her impressive fighting abilities, however, she does have one weakness: stronger cards can destroy her. So if you’re looking for an experienced LOCGame property agent who won’t back down from a challenge, look no further than the Metaverse Real Estate Agent!

Fighting Abilities and Gameplay

  • She can execute a left and right-side attack
  • Weakness — She can be destroyed from the top and bottom and by cards with stronger left and right sides.
  • Total card health of 20
  • Available only in Standard rarity

The Metaverse Real Estate Agent is an Awakening Edition card, and it can be found in the Starter pack on our marketplace.


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