LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) - A Unique NFT Card Game with Physical Rewards, Designer Collections, and Mobile Expansion

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LOCGame: A Tribute to Crypto legends in a Unique NFT Card Game Experience, with a Physical Table Game Reward for Top Leaders

LegendsOfCrypto is an NFT collectible card game based on true crypto legends. The game is a tribute to all of the crypto legends who enabled the crypto revolution. Additionally, the game does not stop at the digital realm; it also has a physical counterpart in the form of a wonderful and entertaining table game called LegendsOfCrypto. These table cards are available only to those who buy a super-elite or legendary pack. When it comes to gameplay, this trading collectible card game is unique in that it does not necessarily follow or clone the Hearthstone template. It leans more toward the good old triad battle, which was once a side game in Final Fantasy VIII. The LOCGame team revamped the entire gameplay by utilizing the fundamentals.

LOCGame Gameplay

In LOCGame, you need a deck of 15 cards to play the game but there's also a free version. The free-to-play mode offers a standard deck of non-NFT cards, called a beginner deck. Players who don't have NFT cards can play in all game modes with the beginner deck and earn. However, if they buy an NFT pack their cards have better stats. The NFT collectible cards come in packs of 15 or 5 available for players to buy. The game has three modes, Story mode, leaderboard, and multiplayer PvP mode. The Story mode offers crypto capitals like New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Miami, and more. The PvP has several options where you can play with friends in a friendly match, PvP tour, battle royale, and competitive tournament. In a PvP mode, during the gaming matches players can stake LC coins (in-game currency) and earn in the game and can later exchange to $LOCG token. It’s a bit incorrect. During the gaming matches players even can stake LC and later exchange them for $LOCG token. However, the LOCGame platform will charge a 2% commission from the total bounty. Moreover, players can exchange the LC coins for the LOCG token, this token is listed on Kucoin, Gate.io, Uniswap, and Hotbit.

NFT Card Collections, Game Layout, and More

The game layout is similar to that of Tick Tack Toe which is a 3x3 grid. The main objective is to deplete the opponent’s cards and whoever has more cards on the deck at the end of the round wins. Different NFT cards have unique power attributes that offer directional attacks. Many NFT cards in the Apollo Edition were created and inspired by a collective of designers from the biggest fashion houses of Burberry, Prada, Etro, Moschino, and Dsquared. These designer NFT card collections are available in only two of the highest rarity card collections; Legendary and Super Elite. Players can check on the LOCGame website how many cards were minted by design. Apart from minting, players can also get their hands on these designer cards by buying the NFT cards pack. However, the Designer cards are only sold in packs of 5 cards inside, not 15, and only 1 card is a designer card.

LocGame Going Mobile

LOCGame plans a launch in the mobile gaming industry soon eyeing a seamless and user-friendly interface for the community. The goal is to utilize blockchain technology in the background in a way that players won’t need to do much of a hassle. It would be as easy as searching it in the Play Store or App Store and downloading it. The game will itself create a wallet for the players, the more the players get involved in the game the more they will utilize the blockchain aspect of the game. First, it will be fun and addictive for players, and later on the opportunity to earn while having fun will be what makes this NFT game worthwhile. Moreover, the game will also offer in-game cosmetics which will allow players to customize and personalize their NFT characters.

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