LegendsOfCrypto at EBC2023 | Round-up

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#EBC2023 in Barcelona was a blast!

We are so grateful for participating in the convention and meeting such great folks from the crypto and web3 space.

The event was held at Hyatt Regency Tower in Barcelona from Thursday 16th of February until Friday 17th. The first day of the convention was teeming with excitement — it was a great opportunity for us to meet with key players from the crypto space and network with experienced industry veterans. We were able to connect with each other in order to forge partnerships, and we had lots of fun with the LegendsOfCrypto new table game.

Playing LegendsOfCrypto was an unforgettable experience — everyone found a character they could relate to and were thrilled with the crypto-theme and its abundance of in-jokes and popular memes. It was clear that everyone was laughing and having a great time — the atmosphere was crackling with excitement each time! We received amazing feedback from all those who played our game, showing how much satisfaction this table game had given them. Everyone left with a pack in their pocket and wanting to play again!

Check out our #ebc2023 photo dumb

As you may have already heard, RBL Labs, our web3 gaming studio, was nominated for the “Top 10 Blockchain Startups of the Year” that would pitch in front of major investors in the space. Therefore, on the second day of EBC awards, our Founder and CEO, Mik Mironov delivered an outstanding pitch to present our products at RBL labs and discuss all our achieved milestones.

Mik made sure to focus his pitch on LegendsOfCrypto and succeeded in catching the interest and curiosity of juries, stakeholders and attendees who also received the table game as a gift at the end of the pitch. After the presentation we took the opportunity to establish connections with the juries, investors and multiple stakeholders. We are now looking forward to developing these relationships further in 2023.

During the EBC we held two giveaways, named Flex2Earn, for both our community and attendees of the event. A massive 300 plus participants posted their favorite LOCGame NFT card or the table game on social media to win major rewards. The prize pool that was up for grabs had reached 27,000$, which generated a lot of hype around our beloved game. It was great to see so many people jumping in and joining the giveaways to show their support for LOCGame!

The European Blockchain Convention was overall a great experience for RBL Labs and LOCGame. The whole team gained useful insights from the convention, and we are already looking forward to attending again next year!

Thank you for the love and support,
LOCGame team


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