Get Ready for the Apollo Edition NFT Sale!

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Hi Legends!

It’s that time of the year! As promised, you are gonna witness our sophomore NFT sale in the second quarter of this year.

This sale is themed: The Apollo Edition

Our maiden sale was known as the Genesis edition, for the obvious reason that it was the very first time we shared our ecosystem with you. In this case though, Apollo was inspired by the voyages that first took humans to the moon, and the handsome Greek God that bears the same legendary name. As a result, we’re expecting resounding success for Apollo in the same vein as Genesis; only going to the moon would suffice!

The Apollo Edition NFT Sale will hold on the 10th of May, 2022, but you probably knew that already. Here’s some further information you might not have on the sale.

Apollo Edition Overview

-Purchase Quantity: Sales will be made in packs of 5 cards.
-Number of cards for sale: 6,875 cards in total.
-Blockchain: The cards will be minted on the Ethereum Network.
-In-Game Requirements: Like the previous collection, 15 of these unique cards will be required to play in Season 0 of the LOCGame.
-Minting Details: Cards will be minted at pack purchase with a randomization algorithm on the Polygon network. Payment during the sale will be possible only on the Ethereum network with your Metamask wallet and a variety of ERC-20 tokens, including $LOCG.
-Launch Date: 10th of May, 2022

The Apollo Edition Presale

Plenty of rewards await you when you join the Apollo Edition Pre-Sale!

Registration for the presale will grant you 24 hours of early access and special prices (lower than the floor price).

Sign up via email, follow the competition steps and get a special link & code to unlock your access in the presale!

Follow all the steps received via email and you redeem:

  • Your Apollo Edition NFT Cards at exclusive prices!
  • A chance to win one of three (3) DJ Soda Super-Elite packs (worth $400 each). You earn this based on competition points — only those with the highest points automatically participate in the lottery to win these packs.

Visual Rarity of the Cards in Apollo Edition.

In our maiden NFT Sale, we introduced three distinct levels of rarity for every NFT Card; the Standard, Prestige, and Elite Categories. For the Apollo Edition, we’re excited to introduce two (2) new layers of rarity for these collectible cards; the Super Elite & Legendary Categories!

This is how each level of rarity is distributed within the Apollo Edition:

  • Standard — 67.27% of the total supply
  • Prestige — 12.36% of the total supply
  • Elite — 10.55% of the total supply
  • Super Elite — 6.55% of the total supply
  • Legendary — 3.27% of the total supply

Types of Packs Available in Apollo Edition

There are four (4) distinct collections of packs to be sold in the Apollo Edition. These are:

  • Apollo Edition Pack
  • The Sacrifice
  • Dj Soda (in collaboration with DJ Soda)
  • Wolf of Crypto (in collaboration with designers from Burberry, Prada, Moschino, Etro, Dsquared)

This is how they’re broken down:

  1. Apollo Edition

2. The Sacrifice

3. DJ Soda

4. Wolf of Crypto

Why Participate in this sale?

Our ecosystem ( and indeed most of web 3.0) greatly rewards those who are in as early as possible, this sale is no different. Numerous incentives await early birds to this project!

This will be our one & only Apollo Edition, unique in all its qualities and forever limited in supply. Therefore, we expect time to be kind to the value of these cards, as the LegendsOfCrypto project matures into multiple seasons and the fully built metaverse. Furthermore, they will always be yours and you’re free to buy, sell, transfer or use them as you desire.

As usual, these cards are essential to taking part in season 0 of the LOCGame. As you know, playing the game in its entirety will not only give you a fascinating player experience but also guarantee you a return on your investment. There’s no better time to be a Legend than now!

With excitement, we look forward to this sale and many more important milestones in our legendary journey!

Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team


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