Updated 2nd of May, 2022

Q3 2021

BETA 1 (v0.2.1)

Detached Payment Solution

Polygon Smart Contract Deployment

Core Gameplay Unity Development

Game-play Assets interoperability

Special Ability Features and Scoring

Q4 2021

ALPHA 2.0 (v0.2.1)

Marketplace 1.0

NFT in-game assets Pre-sale

Core Gameplay Unity Development

UI Upgrade

Gameplay Tutorials

Q1 2022

MVP Release

PvE (Arcade Mode)

BETA 2 (v0.2.2)

Additional Special Card Abilities

Tournament improvements

UI Upgrades

Q2 2022

Implementation of Tournaments

Friendly PvP

Levels for PvE

Apollo Edition NFT Sale

Season 0 Launch

Q3 2022

Season 1 Launch

Metaverse Land Sale

Cards with Special Abilities


Soundtracks NFT Sale

Marketplace Update

Q4 2022

To Be Announced