NFT Drops

New Legends

20 NEW characters inspired by the Metaverse and play-to-earn gaming revolution.


5 visual rarities, 3 game rarity and 80 unique characters that are entirely yours forever on blockchain. 500+ unique cards!

How to start playing? 

To start playing in Awakening Season you need to purchase a Starter Pack from our in-game store. Starter Pack contains 15 NFT cards with new characters from Season 0. To play Early Access you need to acquire the Iris card - a special playing card from the Awakening Edition. This is your exclusive pass to play the game which can only be earned for now.

If you purchased other cards already you can bring them to battle after purchasing the Starter Pack. Individual cards are available for purchase and P2P trading on and external marketplaces.

How to start earning? 

In Awakening Season, you earn rewards in LC token (Legendary Coin). LC token is an in-game currency and a unity of account. You earn LC tokens by playing in Story Mode, Arena Mode and Tournaments. Additionally, you can earn extra LCs by playing with friends in PvP mode and wagering LC tokens during the battle.

NFT rewards (Dubai Release).

The Dubai release will bring an exciting reward layer of exclusive NFT rewards - Collection N6 and playing cards with visual rarities from the Apollo Edition. It will also introduce 2 layers of play-to-access and pay-to-access balanced system to enhance gaming experience and rewards potential. Starter and Story Mode packs will be available for purchase in limited editions of Prestige, Elite, Super Elite and Legendary. Together with Collection N6 and rare playing cards, which you can acquire by advancing in the game, they will provide extra perks and benefits.

Rewards Withdrawal.

You can withdraw LC token by converting to $LOCG token in the game. Conditions apply to minimum withdrawal amount and in-game timer.

What is LC token?

LC is the in-game currency in Awakening Season. You can earn it by playing, spend for in-game items, exchange to $LOCG and purchase in-game.

The LC to USDT-USDC ratio is 1/0.001, or 1000LC = 1USDT or 1USDC.

The LC to $LOCG ratio is dynamic and depends on market value of $LOCG token. 1/0.0011/0.001


How to earn LC token? 

  • Playing Story Mode
  • Winning PvP Friendly Matches (wager)
  • Playing Arena PvP
  • Leaderboard rewards
  • Tournaments (Dubai Release)

How to spend LC token? 

  • Redeem for in-game NFT rewards
  • Purchase packs and cards
  • Purchase Arena Pass and Arena Shield (Lisbon Release)

Withdraw LC rewards (exchange to $LOCG)

You can withdraw LC rewards by converting to $LOCG. Withdrawal happens by connecting your Metamask and verifying your email address to complete the process of withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000LC and maximum withdrawal amount is 999,999LC.

  1. Commission of Polygon network is covered by the LOCGame
  2. In-game withdrawal commission ranges from 7% to 20%
  3. Burn fee in $LOCG. Each time the withdrawal takes place, the game server burns 5% of the withdrawn amount of $LOCG. This amount is included in the internal commission. The player receives the amount indicated in the exchange window. The burn transaction fee is paid by the developer.


$LOCG coin is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency available on Kucoin,, Hotbit and Uniswap. The total supply is limited to 148m LOCG and will be decreasing with seasonal burn mechanics. Players benefit from extra discounts by paying in LOCG tokens for packs and cards. They can also withdraw LC reward token to $LOCG and stake $LOCG to obtain extra rewards in-game (Lisbon Release).

In Awakening Season 5 million $LOCG are transferred to Polygon network into the rewards withdrawal pool. Upon withdrawal of their rewards in LC tokens to $LOCG on Polygon network, players can bridge $LOCG to Ethereum mainnet and trade on any exchange.

To learn more about the $LOCG role in Awakening Season and beyond, please check out the Economy tab.

Collection N6 - exclusive NFT rewards (Dubai Release)

RBL Labs and LOCGame created an amazing collection of art that will only be available to earn in-game. Soundtracks, Graphic Art and Soundtracks in limited edition. The earlier you start advancing in the game, the more chances you have to access the most rare rewards that players will have in the LOCGame ecosystem. Most exclusive and rare NFT items from this collection will provide extra benefits in-game and give access to the next season in Cryptise City Metaverse. Stay tuned for more information about Collection N6.

Collection N6 in-game

Awakening Season Economy Overview

We provide details about our robust economy of Awakening Season in a fun and engaging format in-game. Start playing to learn more about the economy. More information will be available soon.


20+ New Characters inspired by the metaverse and play2earn revolution. Movers and shakers, misfits and outcasts. Discover what they can do for your deck on a battlefiled.
meet new legends