Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM

Major Update: Game Dev, Road Map, Website


You waited, we listened! From this week onwards we will produce our product updates reports with progress and results right from our Gave Dev and Core Tech Team busy coding screens! Today’s update is the largest and most visual information progress sharing in our history! Are you ready? Let’s get started! Today we will cover: Game Progress Core Tech Team Progress New Website Version Update Road Map Update Game Progress Fresh off the Hangout call with our new and amazing game development team today, Daniel and Oleg already had their second development sprint and provided tons of information to share, with images to showcase. As the game is in production, the core features of the battlefield and card interactions are being put together. The battlefield is where all the action is: tournaments, friendly matches, play-to-earn, and play-to-win make up the options. Here’s a sneak peek of our new UI of the battlefield: Please note that cards placed and played on the battlefield change size and look smaller. We have been working very hard to come up with a unified brand vision for the game, website, and our marketplace. The overarching theme of neon cyber punk and Tron movie nostalgia stuck to our hearts and we are producing more and more art pieces for the game in this style. OUR NEW CARD DESIGNS got a total upgrade, are more fun, visible, and stylish-looking. We hope you like them too! NB: exclusive pre-sale on our own marketplace will take place in November this year! Stay tuned because next week, so much more will be released by our Game Dev team! Update from the Core Tech Team John and Jason were really busy with the backend work this week, but had time to make some improvements for the frontend too. Here are the newest updates that were made: Week 27 Sept — Oct 2: ​​Setup environments for frontend staging and production Developed a test plan Setup backend staging environment Setup mongoose database integration Setup backend deployment with Docker Protect against injections on orders Create Backend Architecture (see architecture diagram below) Added a visual indicator to purchase quantity buttons Fix game and product card hover states: On the backend/frontend and blockchain interaction, the team built a solid architecture for the game and marketplace. Take a look at the diagram and let us know what you think! Any feedback or suggestions for the backend architecture? Drop us a message in our telegram group addressed to Jay — The Developer. Website Redesign Progress Update We’ve been working around the clock on releasing the new version of the website, which will be up and running by mid-October. Our web designer Ikou came up with a very creative theme and structure for the new home for LOCGame. Here are some sneak peeks for you! We Updated Our Roadmap! Check it out! The LOCGame community has always played a major role in helping our project hit our key milestones and continue thriving to become one of the top NFT card games in the blockchain space. Well you’ve waited, and we listened! It’s time to announce our most epic and important update of the entire year! So read, watch, and share it — but don’t forget to stay tuned for the launch of the Early Game Access for our community members. Coming this October, the ALPHA release of LOCGame will be available to select members of our community. They’ll have the exclusive opportunity to be one of the very first people to experience a test drive of some basic gameplay we plan to offer — this will be considered a prelude and test phase as we prepare for the early access release down the line. Our entire development team is fully committed to making our game have the best user experience possible. To understand how LOCGame will evolve and the plans we’re setting for the future, take a look at our game process and roadmap updates below with next steps: ALPHA Release (Oct 2021) ALPHA 1 (v0.1.1) Basic gameplay (v2) Native user interface Preset deck Random matchmaking Player profile Account Management Early User Access Recruitment (Nov 2021) Marketplace 1.0 NFT in-game assets pre-sale ALPHA 2 (v0.1.2) User interface upgrade Player-owned NFTs Card browser Basic tournaments Gameplay tutorial Early User Access Launch (Dec 2021) BETA 1 (v0.2.1) Special card abilities Skill-based matchmaking Custom private rooms Card browser upgrade BETA 2 (v0.2.2) Additional special card abilities Exclusive game lobby Tournament improvements (implementation of a tier/ranking system) User interface upgrade Q1 2022 MVP Development of a ranking system Introduction of a new card deck Q2 2022 Soft Launch Extended metagame with consistent rewards and quests Ability to connect with friends within the game Guilds Puzzles Q3 2022 Global Release Battle pass Another new card deck Brand new story puzzles Be on the Lookout for More! Our team continues to make strides in upgrading our game and developing the very best features to entice our players to participate. If you’re just as excited as we are about this game process and roadmap update and our future upgrades, make sure to stay tuned right here on our Medium page so you don’t miss out on all the big news!

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