Token Utility

The $LOCG token is our native cryptocurrency asset that truly brings the game to life. Not only does it serve as a governance mechanism, but it also allows users to earn rewards through playing the game and staking with our pools. As a result, it takes our platform to a level beyond just a playing card game - it brings financial incentives to the forefront to encourage greater participation.

The $LOCG Token serves five broad pillars of utilities:
$LOCG can be used as a settlement option for buying or trading NFTs between players in the LOCGame native marketplace, buying into tournament participation and more.

LC Coin is an in-game token that you earn by playing in story mode and PvP. Players can purchase it with $LOCG and use it to participate in tournaments or they can exchange the LCs they earned through playing for $LOCG in order to make a profit.

LOCG may provide holders and users access to special games, tournaments orproducts.

With the introduction of DAO LOC Council, holders of LOCG will have thevoting/governance rights to decide on the future of the game.

Stake your $LOCG tokens, earn rewards and get a chance to win unique NFTs. Future staking pools to be announced soon!