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Our recently launched art foundation was established to seek out the best up-and-coming aspiring artists looking to get into the exciting world of NFTs, gaming and so much more!

Check out the story of Aaron Kraten - the first artist we
propelled to the world of NFTs. Interested in receiving a
grant from our Art Foundation?

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Aaron Kraten

Aaron is a mixed media artist, using found objects such as refrigerator doors, discarded windows, dismantled doghouses, old street signs, and non-traditional paint media (connection fluid) to make his creations come to life. He prefers to use his hands to work directly with the paint, giving a textured quality to his work - it’s also intriguing to note that brushes are never used in any of his pieces. Aaron is a self-taught artist and has already contributed massively to the LOCGame ecosystem with some samples (seen below).


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