About the industry

Tribute to Crypto industry

The crypto industry is like the wild wild west - full of opportunities, risks, and amazing rewards. It democratized finance while also turning it into a meme. Many people around the globe are beginning to familiarize themselves with crypto - even young schoolchildren can grasp the concept of market makers and staking NFTs! Remember... our game characters are real legends and are making this crypto revolution possible.

Key Features

It's Addictive! (Just like Crypto)

LOCGame is easy to learn, difficult to master, and hard to stop playing. Scroll down to learn why!


Single Player Fun

Fight powerful crypto legends, Celebrities and new metaverse creatures in a single player mode. This is the best way to train your LOCGame skills, earn rewards that include Time-Released NFTs.


Classic PVP

Reach the top of the ladder in our classic game mode, destroy your enemies, earn rewards and train your skills prior to participating in Tournaments.


Test Yourself

And your deck in regular tournaments, climb the leader, win valuable prizes and glory. Become the Legendary Gamer in LOCGame metaverse!

Unique gameplay

So Easy You Won't Stop

We didn't clone Hearthstone 120 times. We took an old good Triple Triad as a core and added lots of fun features and metaverses. The more you advance in the game, the more special abilities will become available to players - 100% fun guaranteed.


Collect-Play-Earn-Have Fun

It's that easy! Collect all the legends as NFT cards and packs in different rarity. Time will pass, but LegendsOfCrypto game will be a living history of cryptocurrencies triumph. Play, Earn Rewards and Have Lots of Fun. We

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